Update on The Beaulieu Vanishing

I am delighted to announce that, barring any last minute, unforeseen eventualities, The Beaulieu Vanishing will be on sale within the next couple of months.

Following on from The Woodville Connection, this new novel takes Richard of Gloucester’s illegitimate friend Francis Cranley out of his comfort zone in the north of England when he joins Sir James Tyrell’s mission to fetch the Countess of Warwick out of sanctuary in Beaulieu Abbey. When an attractive young woman Cranley encounters at Beaulieu disappears, he sets out to discover what has happened to her. His enquiries uncover grisly murder, beguiling traitors and a plot that puts the stability of the realm in question.

In contrast to the first novel where most of the action took place in a single location over the course of one week,  The Beaulieu Vanishing covers a twelve month period and features several different locations including Southampton, London and Cornwall.

Although the novel is the second in the Francis Cranley series, it can be read as a standalone.

Watch this space for more news about The Beaulieu Vanishing!