News Update on Francis Cranley 3

At the start of 2016, I had one major writing goal in mind: to complete the third Francis Cranley novel so that it would be ready for publication early in 2017.

Initially, things got off to a pretty good start, with the novel progressing well. However, writing can be a funny old business and to cut a long story short, I soon discovered that instead of concentrating on Francis and his new adventure, I was letting my attention wander in the direction of a Civil War project I’d begun a number of years ago.

I had completed a synopsis and written three chapters of this novel – working title Lamorna Strange – when Pen & Sword threw an entirely welcome spanner in the work by agreeing to publish The Woodville Connection, the first Francis Cranley mystery. At once, Lamorna Strange was put to one side as I gave Woodville a polish and got cracking on Francis 2, The Beaulieu Vanishing.

Now, after a period of dormancy, my interest in Lamorna Strange has reawakened. Well, more than reawakened, to be honest. It’s been gripping me to such an extent that I have decided to put Francis 3 on hold while I complete it. With good luck and a following wind, it should be finished early in the New Year, after which I hope to return to Francis who I left on the point of embarking for war in France!

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that I hope those interested in ‘what Francis did next’ will bear with me for the time being.