The Beaulieu Vanishing newly published on Kindle

I am delighted to announce that after a fairly lengthy gestation period, The Beaulieu Vanishing – my follow up to The Woodville Connection – is now available to download on Kindle. (It will be published in paperback very soon so watch this space).

Beginning in May 1473, the story sees Richard of Gloucester’s close friend Francis Cranley travelling with Sir James Tyrell to Beaulieu in order to escort the Countess of Warwick, Richard’s mother-in-law, back to Middleham. The Countess has been living in sanctuary at Beaulieu since 1471 but now, at last, Richard has persuaded the King to grant her a measure of freedom.

At Beaulieu, Cranley finds himself drawn to Eleanor Vernon, the Countess’s attractive young attendant, and is shocked when the girl goes missing. Has she been murdered or has she eloped with someone? The distraught Countess begs him to find out the truth.

Thus Cranley embarks on an investigation that puts him and his companions in mortal danger as they struggle to unearth the truth about Eleanor Vernon.

Visit to download The Beaulieu Vanishing on Kindle.