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cover-draft-version-1Famous Brand Names & Their Origins

Take a look at this piece in the Express if you’d like a flavour of what’s on offer in my latest book.  http://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/books/744871/Kathy-Martin-book-names-behind-products-Bisto-PG-Tips-Hovis

‘Packed with interesting facts, entertaining nuggets of trivia, and illustrated with a sprinkling of ephemera this book is for anyone interested in the origins of the brands that shape our lives.’

The Ephemera Society







The Beaulieu Vanishing

“When I sighted the rebels at the end of the causeway, I felt my blood surge and for a moment I forgot everything except the desire to meet my enemy. Riding hard towards them, the salt air whipping my face and men-at-arms thundering at my side, my only thoughts were of blood and vengeance.”

Francis Cranley is back, this time investigating the disappearance of a young woman in whom he has taken more than a passing interest. As he delves further into the circumstances of her mysterious ‘vanishing’, he uncovers much more than he had bargained for.

‘The mystery bowls along at a good pace with some unexpected twists and turns and plenty of period detail – a good read for a wet weekend.’

The Ricardian Bulletin

‘An intriguing story that will keep you in its clutches until the very end.’ – Entrada Publishing

‘In short, a well written and entertaining read, with an interesting and different spin on events of the reign of Edward IV.’ - Historical Novel Society


The Woodville Connection

“There are many stories with which I regale my greedy visitors but there is one I never shall tell. Although it pleases me to confide this tale to my good friends quill and parchment, I have instructed the stout, dumpling-cheeked widow who sees to the comfort of my house to feed my scribblings to the flames the moment I breathe my last. I do not doubt she will obey my order since I have bought her loyalty with gold and soft words and in any case, the woman is unlettered and has little interest in my ramblings. Thus I would have it. I am the last survivor of those who took part in the Plaincourt Manor affair and I have vowed to take that secret to my grave.”

Francis Cranley is a nobody – he is illegitimate and has no fortune of his own – but he does have certain advantages: he is handsome, quick-witted, skilled in battle and his best friend is…

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About Kathy

about-imgKathy Martin has been writing since she was a teenager. “It became my full-time occupation about 20 years ago,” she reveals, “but even before then, when I was earning a living working in recruitment and sales, I never lost sight of my ambition to write professionally…”

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